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Free Download Wilcity v1.4.11 + App [Directory Listing WordPress Theme]

Free Download Wilcity WordPress Theme

Wilcity is a high-end WordPress directory theme. Wilcity allows you to add an infinite number of catalog sizes, icons, and colors. Extended analysis, ratings, universal catalog dashboard, google map, paid catalog insert, pinning, King Composer – page creator, demo data import, and much more.


The administrator has control over which parts appear on the list tab. Furthermore, the owner of the commercial may take over the design and modify it in his or her own way. For commercial monetization, the theme has three types of entries: Advertised Lists – List owners can position directories in specific locations on their site and at the top of the search results page; paid listings: owners pay to place their advertisements on their site; Salable lists are a different type of income model that can be earned. You can build an ad on your site and allow the owner to purchase it.


Wilcity Theme’s Significant Characteristics

  • Make your ad site a true native app. Using an intuitive page builder, you can quickly create mobile applications without writing a single line of code.
  • Customize the directory’s features. View each catalog type’s fields. Choose from 15 predefined fields or generate an infinite number of custom fields.
  • Promotions and design. When deciding on a promotion strategy, ad owners position directories in prominent locations on their website and at the top of the search results page.
  • Ratings and in-depth reviews. The ranking feature is critical for a directory website and must be thoroughly evaluated. Is this hotel’s operation satisfactory? Should I give this hotel 7 or 10 points based on its location? Wilcity makes it simple to build rating information for each directory form.
  • Filters for advanced searches. Where can I stay near Moscow? No worries, the “close” field will handle it. It will ask for the entered position and return results sorted by size.
  • A card design with amazing features. Yes, a card template is a must-have feature for a catalog website. We’ve introduced a cool new function to the map page: you can search when moving the map. When you move the map, the lists will be automatically modified if this option is enabled.
  • Dokan is a multisupplier. Buyers will have your product on their website. You can gain money by receiving a commission on goods (fixed or percentage).
  • Attractions page with nice subcategories. Sub-domains and sub-categories are shown on a separate tab. There are also numerous choices, such as row, maximum taxonomy count, and location/number of categories per row.
  • Making a list map You can easily add your phone number, Google address, e-mail address, and any other details to your login card.
  • The control panel is excellent. The client dashboard allows list owners to fully monitor their market. They can use this page to update plans, launch ad campaigns, respond to messages, and monitor statistics such as views, likes, growth, and reviews.


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Free Download Wilcity v1.4.11: