Free Download Jannah v5.4.3 – Newspaper Magazine WordPress Theme

Free Download Jannah WordPress Theme

Jannah is a premium WordPress responsive theme that includes BuddyPress and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) plugins. Jannah theme offers a fresh take on online publishing in today’s world of content marketing, with a beautiful design, new layout options, cutting-edge sharing options, and incorporation of the most common WordPress extensions for maximum versatility. Jannah theme has a range of features, making it an incredible WordPress theme. The theme of Jannah is here to attract the best of your website.

With a beautiful design, fresh layout options and new sharing options and incorporation of the most common extensions to WordPress, Jannah takes a fresh look at the world of desktop publishing in today’s modern age of content marketing. Jannah WordPress Theme is completely responsive and not only suits all modern devices today, but also responds to the most up-to-date, swipeable content mobile devices.

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Jannah WordPress Theme Features

Responsive for Today’s Modern Devices. Jannah, of course, has a completely responsive interface, which not only fits all modern devices but also meets the latest mobile devices for swipeable content. It also seems to think of intelligent menu functions that are adapted to the computer of the user to ensure that they have the best possible and most seamless experience when consuming your inform

AMP. Compatible fully with the AMP project, your content is mobile-optimized and loads FAST, everywhere.


SEO Optimized.Jannah also excels in SEO, with the Posts and Reviews Schema supporting snippet views from longer articles. Optimized with full support for the common Yoast Plugin to increase traffic from Google and BING Search, as well as HTML SEO support to allow search engines to pick up ranking signals from specific HTML elements, and SEO Rich Snippet support for add-ons including Reviews, Ratings, and Photos.


bbPress Integration.By the WordPress developers, the industry’s best practice forum program for WordPress. As a result, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to conveniently set up discussion forums on your WordPress account. It’s simple to use, quick, and clean, and it’s all managed through a single account with a One-Click install.


Pre-Skinned Demos. If you want to go dark or light and fluffy, Jannah has you covered with easy-to-update Skins that include Light, Dark, and all in between.


Almost 1,000 Font Options. Jannah includes over 800 Google Fonts and +150 fonts, so you’re sure to find one that you like. There’s no need to upgrade or install anything because everything is already installed.


GIF Support.GIFs play a major role in consumer content and you need to support it natively, without messing around, no extensions or plugins required to succeed in big viral websites today. Native to a great end-user experience, Jannah help GIF photos.


Ajax Mega Menus.With such a huge site and so much high-quality content, a killer menu is essential. A good menu can entice users to stay, browse at other sites, and feel like they are still in control. Leave no stone unturned with our Ajax-powered mega-menus, which offer a dynamic selection of exciting menu choices that are sure to surpass your expectations.


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Free Download Jannah v5.4.3


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