Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.53.0 [Latest Version]


Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin One of the best content scraper plugins for WordPress is WordPress Automatic Plugin. ValvePress designed and built it, and it’s available on Codecanyon. Until today, this plugin has nearly 17700 sales. Daily blogs, Clickbank products, Amazon products, YouTube videos, feed posts, and much more are all auto-posted by the WordPress Automatic plugin. Simply build a campaign and sit back while the WordPress Automatic Plugin posts content on autopilot based on your campaign settings.


To make a campaign, go to your WordPress Dashboard>>New Campaign, then pick Campaign Type, Campaign Keywords, Post Template, Post Filters, and other options. and then press the “Publish” button. That’s it; now sit back and relax, because this plugin will take care of the rest.


WordPress Automatic Plugin

There are over 20 different campaign types supported by the WordPress Automatic Plugin. It can scrape and auto-publish content from nearly any common social network, affiliate network, and even a daily website. This plugin also includes the ability to spin content using “the best spinner.” To make it work, simply create an account with “the best spinner” on the plugin’s settings page and choose spin content options when building a campaign.

You can also set up an Amazon or Clickbank affiliate autopilot site by entering your Amazon API and Clickbank username, and the plugin will generate product posts with your affiliate links automatically. Overall, the WordPress Automatic Plugin is the best WordPress auto-blogging plugin, with numerous customization choices and advanced features.


The WordPress Automatic Plugin’s main features

  • API support for Amazon affiliates.
  • In the article choice, you can search for and replace terms.
  • Items from Clickbank that are supported by affiliate links.
  • Options for advertisements
  • API for EzineArticles.
  • The best Spinner help for rewriting material.
  • Support for the Flickr API.
  • API support for YouTube.
  • WooCommerce assistance.
  • Options for iTunes affiliates
  • Aid for Envato affiliates.
  • Allows you to adjust the frequency of updates.
  • The maximum number of posts should be limited.
  • Choice for a post template
  • The featured image is created automatically.
  • Various post-filters are supported.
  • Until publishing, translate the message.
  • Language support for WPML.
  • RSS feed auto-posting
  • Products from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Clickbank are automatically posted.



Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.53.0:



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