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WoodMart v6.1.3 Last Updated WordPress Theme Free Download


WoodMart WordPress theme free download using our website coder drive. The coder drive provides free template, plugin and other also. In this article, we write a WoodMart theme review this is the best and popular WordPress theme. But all people want a premium version but this version is not free because this theme price is very high. So if you want this premium WoodMart v6.1.0 Last Updated WordPress Theme just follow our full article. We give you totally free and also give you a download link. So you can easily get this popular WordPress theme.


WoodMart Theme Review

Now we start to review this theme review the best and responsive WordPress theme name is WoodMart. All the people like this WordPress theme. Now all people want to start an e-commerce website. Then want some e-commerce related template. Our website already reviews all the best and popular eCommerce themes. But all the WordPress themes or plugin is not free. All digital tools are not free but our website gives you all premium templates, plugins, and other digital tools give you totally free. Our website updated regularly all updated information give to you very first. Just stay on our website and get all WooCommerce WordPress themes.


WoodMart v6.1.3 Last Updated WordPress Theme

This version last updated on 21-06-2021 so this is the best and perfect and also responsive theme. If you want to need this WoodMart theme nulled just follow this article and get this version for free. This version fixes all problems and includes all the best features. Now we write all updated information on this theme and you can easily WoodMart theme free download.


New Added on v6.1.0 Version:

1. ADDED: NEW VERSION – Corporate 2
5. ADDED: NEW VERSION – Real estate
6. ADDED: Step-by-step theme setup wizard (screenshot)
7. ADDED: New parallax and distortion slide change animations (screenshot)
8. ADDED: Image option to Extra menu list element (screenshot)
9. ADDED: Full-screen search on mobile devices (screenshot)
10. ADDED: Slider element link option for each slide (screenshot)
11. ADDED: Option to select page widgets title tag (screenshot)
12. ADDED: Theme Settings navigation to WordPress admin bar (screenshot)
13. ADDED: Woodmart slider navigation to WordPress admin bar (screenshot)
14. ADDED: Portfolio element carousel layout (screenshot)
15. ADDED: Sticky column offset option (screenshot)
16. ADDED: Slide content alignment option for mobile devices (screenshot)
17. ADDED: Slide background option for mobile devices (screenshot)
18. ADDED: New elements appearance animations (screenshot)


New Updated on WoodMart v6.1.0 Version:

1. UPDATED: wpml-config.xml file
2. UPDATED: Woodmart Core plugin to 1.0.29
3. UPDATED: TweenMax library to 2.1.3
4. UPDATED: Google fonts list


New IMPROVED on WoodMart v6.1.0 Version

1. IMPROVED: Automatic “New” label maximum period increased to 365 days (screenshot)
2. IMPROVED: Changed `h3` to `span` tag inside login title
3. IMPROVED: Mobile bottom navbar the number of custom buttons increased to 5 (screenshot)
4. IMPROVED: Single product additional tab the number of custom tabs increased to 3 (screenshot)
5. THEME SETTINGS: “Shop filters” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
6. THEME SETTINGS: “Widgets” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
7. THEME SETTINGS: “Sidebar & Page title” divided into “Page title” and “Sidebar” sections
8. THEME SETTINGS: “Page title” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section
9. THEME SETTINGS: “Sidebar” moved from “Shop” to “Product archive” section


Updated CSS on This Version:

10. CSS: Refactored product hover styles
11. CSS: Refactored product categories styles
12. CSS: Refactored blog post loop styles


Some FIXED All Problem:

1. FIXED: Shop page mobile product categories icon
2. FIXED: WCFM plugin product hover styles
3. FIXED: Sticky column in Elementor builder with default “Optimized DOM Output” option
4. FIXED: Row dividers issue in iOS devices
5. FIXED: Review images gallery align
6. FIXED: Notices spacing on mobile devices
7. FIXED: RTL menu labels
8. FIXED: Brand element image on elementor
9. FIXED: Single product offset issue
10. FIXED: Mobile categories menu in page title after shop AJAX

Also FIXED For this theme:

11. FIXED: Mobile search icon on sticky header
12. FIXED: Sticky notice close button
13. FIXED: Portfolio page issue
14. FIXED: Additional pages import error
15. FIXED: Compare header count issue
16. FIXED: Add to cart button tooltip issue
17. FIXED: Product attributes custom fields translations
18. FIXED: “New products” data source with automatic new label option in Product’s element
19. FIXED: One-page navigation click issue
20. FIXED: Single product variations JS error
21. FIXED: Header full-width menu offsets
22. FIXED: Hot spot element rating issue
23. FIXED: WPML with Elementor elements compatibility
24. FIXED: Term ID in presets select
25. FIXED: Typography font family select in Safari
26. FIXED: Deprecated jQuery functions $.isArray and $.isFunction
27. FIXED: Advanced topography custom selector hover color
28. FIXED: Yoast SEO compatibility with the Section title element
29. FIXED: Menu click action on sticky header


REMOVED Some Issue:

REMOVED: From viewport tag “maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no” values
REMOVED: Favicon options from theme settings

This is all information on the WoodMart theme review. I hope all information is helpful for you if you want to know this WoodMart theme nulled just visit ThemeForest using our link below you can see all information and all updated and fixed features. Now you can WoodMart theme free download using the link below. Thanks for visiting our website and watch our free woocommerce themes review



Demo Woodmart Theme:


WoodMart Theme Free Download v6.1.0 Nulled:


Free Download WoodMart v6.1.3: